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The inspiring story of a woman who touched people’s lives with her creativity.

Pinah Coetzer had thought of pursuing her dreams and creating a community for knitting and crocheting lovers. It was a humble beginning with just a few friends and laughs, creating something that comforted the Swakopmunders’ and their way of life.

With sock-knitting lovers, teddy makers, knitted knockers, and scarf junkies; this was the place where a creative community became one and also gave back to their loved ones.

There was always a place and pattern for beginners to experienced knitters and crocheting. With a comforting and guiding hand, happy mistakes were welcomed and encouraged. Pinah believed that you can never be young or too old to start creating happy memories for others.

Pinah also inspired her creative community to never stop introducing new fibers and fun ways to envelope their creations.

With each ball of yarn, a light sparkled in the creative community’s souls.

Never stop inspiring to create a new dawn.


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